Our Story

Altan Meşin - Founder

Success is not a coincidence. If you are at the beginning of your work and do your best, your guests are welcomed and if you are open to continuous improvement, success is yours.

TR-34-K-086518 is producing in accordance with the requirements of Human Health and food codex production. We deliver our products to our guests by producing with high quality manufacturing materials, hygienic and quality requirements from production to presentation.

Focaccia is a business model that people who love to enjoy life and work, by putting happiness and pure love in it.

The biggest cornerstone of success is to enjoy and enjoy your work, and to do it fondly. That is why Focaccia is a business model where success is no coincidence. Wheat is most happy to be processed and served to guests in Focaccia. In 2010 we said yeni Focaccia has just come out of the oven 2010.

In 2015, we say ”We did not find bakery but we changed it and Focaccia is the most happy form of wheat 201. Our goal is to share this happy taste with the whole world. With this consciousness and road map, our brand is proud to serve its guests with the most exclusive and innovative and progressive understanding by opening new new flavor points.

Thanks to our team-mates and all of our brands, who are the success team work, we express our gratitude to our current and honor investors who respect our sensitivities about carrying brand awareness.

Our Quality Rules

• First rule The Client is always right.
• Rule 2, the Customer is right again.
• Rule 3 does not like and use the Focaccia Customer term;
• Adopts our guests and welcomes guests with this understanding in stores and kiox points.
• It takes care of the wishes and expectations of the guests and makes the necessary.
• Provides maximum care for hygiene and faith sensitivities and raw material purchase in the field of Supply of Raw Materials.
• Fits the hygiene ring, up to production, logistics and presentation point.
• Works with a constantly changing and evolving synergy.
• Baker serves with a quality policy and business model that is conscious of being the most exclusive brand in Cafe, Patisserie and Restaurant Concept.
• The whole team works by adding maximum care and love to the work.

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